In recent news, Oman’s Special Economic Zone Authority at Duqm (Sezad) entered into six contracts to boost infrastructure throughout economic zone. The contracts were signed by Yahya bin Said bin Abdullah Al Jabri, who is the chairman of Sezad.

A statement from the firm reads that a contract was entered with the Al Bustan Construction Company for execution of smoothening land in logistics section Port of Duqm.

Moreover, a contract was also signed with Partners Consulting Engineers and AAW for consultancy services for designing & supervising the implementation of internal roads project in the Rocks Garden.

Yahya also entered into a contract with Conser & Partners Engineering Services to offer consultancy services for designing & supervising the execution of second package of double carriageway road project of Sultan Saeed bin Tiamor. A deal with National Engineering Office was signed by the chairman again for offering consultancy services for planning & supervising the execution of a road that connects to Duqm Airport to Ra’s Markaz.

Signed contracts are inclusive of planning & developing sewage treatment plant located in Duqm that will be carried out by Lal Bakhsh & Voltas Engineering and Trading Services Company. At the same time, the chairman also entered into a contract with Grand Enterprises Co for managing, operating, and maintaining of lighting posts in Duqm, while the contract offers that a shop will be set up for the maintenance of equipment & project tools.

Contract signed with Al Bustan Construction Company offers for flattening the land in logistics sections situated in Duqm port with a stretch of over five hectares. It is said to be in 2nd phase, while the initial stage began by smoothening sixty-five hectares of land in logistics section in Port of Duqm with complete stretch of around thousand hectares.

Logistics segment is seeing a growing investors’ demand owing to its closeness to commercial pier in Port of Duqm. Operation will be completed in over hundred days. Contract entered with A A W and Partners Consulting Engineers anticipates implementing design & supervisory construction for internal roadways that extends up to thirteen kilometres to vehicle park sections in Duqm’s rock garden area.

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