In recent news, accounting & consulting company, KPMG has launched its seventh and till date biggest US Ignition Center in Chicago. Thirty-thousand square foot client-focused space, situated on the 68th floor of Aon Center, will assist businesses to comprehend disturbance & transformation for the future.

Firms are aware that upcoming technologies has the potential of increased efficacy & decreased costs. However, it is also a difficult endeavor to execute them appropriately all over the different demands of firms. Consulting firms such as KPMG have been utilizing several resources in their companies to reengineer themselves as technology designers, implementers, and strategizers.

In recent times, business leaders are demanding technological, innovation, and digital support. Vice chair, innovation & enterprise solutions of KPMG, Mike Nolan said that considering the rate & speed of disruption in the industry, the firm is continuously concentrating on making strategic, short & long-term investments that deals with market disturbance & supports a transformational journey.

Pursuing the strategy, KPMG started an Ignition Center in Chicago, adding to six launched locations in San Francisco, Atlanta, midtown and downtown NYC, Denver, and Grand Rapids. Client-centric Ignition Centers assist firms to improve their business models & use technology solutions that backs the demands of the firms. Centers combines expanding company’s competencies in design thinking, data & analytics, business process, AI, and strategy.

The reason for selecting Chicago as the city by KPMG is due to its breadth of market sectors & businesses, access to transportation, and also talent. Chicago office managing principal, Linda Imonti said that the city’s ability to entice & retain technology talent is important to the work and they are doing that to support company-wide business transformation. Chicago office of KPMG is the second-biggest with over two thousand professionals & partners.

Talking about the launch of the center, Mayor Rahm Emanuel, who is an outgoing Mayor said that the firm’s continuous dedication to invest in Chicago & develop next generation of technologists in Chicago will help to boost their technology ecosystem for several years.

Addition to Chicago Center is the ‘Green Room,’ an environment wherein clients have the chance to interact with upcoming technologies.

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