A leading medical equipment for echotherapy firm, Theraclion recently announced significant accomplishments in its Germany market. Four Echopulse solutions for treating thyroid nodules & breast fibroadenomas have been sold to private centers & hospitals.

The firm began 2019 by selling three systems & conversion of a commercial deal into a purchase:

Dr. Bossong bought & installed an Echopulse system in his private clinic located in Hamburg-Ahrensburg.

Berlin’s Echotherapy center has converted its commercial deal into purchasing of the system.

An Echopulse system for Department of Nuclear Medicine under clinical guidance of Professor Dr. Drzezga is purchased by University of Köln.

Moreover, Clinic group ‘GFO Kliniken Bonn’ provides echotherapy in Bonn. The GFO group is inclusive of three clinics in Bonn & system will be handled under the guidance of a general surgeon, Dr. Warwas.

The aforementioned deals boosts growth in Germany where the firm sold one Echopulse last year. The firm has verified its plan to continue selling its breast fibroids & thyroid nodules treatment solutions depending on the current commercial system simultaneously as the firm generated echotherapy solution to cure varicose vein.

The firm has also revealed two significant accomplishments in echotherapy’s insurance coverage in Germany.

ARGE Selective Contracts NORDWEST has directed, depicting other public BKK insurances, a global special care contact for echotherapy.

One of the leading German national public insurers, IKK Classic has signed an echotherapy deal, which started on April 1st, 2019.

Theraclion’s VP Marketing and Market Access, Anja Kleber said that presently insured lives number add up to over eighteen million individuals & ARGE has the scope to add around three million to the number.

Theraclion is a French firm established in 2004 and a pioneer in the usage of ultrasound for therapeutic reasons. The firm develops, creates & sells a market device, known as Echopulse for non-invasive & treatment of breast fibroadenomas & benign thyroid nodules. The company has brought together a team of twenty-three employees, half of which are committed to invest their time & expertise in research & development and clinical trials. Theraclion is dependent on wide global presence to cater to various markets.

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