Voi Technology, an emerging micro-mobility company offering e-scooter service in the European cities has announced the launch of new range of scooters and e-bike for rentals. Furthermore, the company is poised to expand its mobility solutions in another batch of 150 towns and cities after tracking the success of 2 Mn rides in just eight months, since its launch. Currently, the company operates in nearly 18 cities of 9 European countries and plans to begin its operation in Germany, Poland, Belgium, and Italy. Voi’s CEO states the company’s objective to become a forerunning solution provider in micro-mobility vicinity with a broad array of travel options that suit the demand ascending from the urban demographic and in turn meet the sustainability concerns regulated in the respective towns and cities.

The new model of Voi, Voiager 2, is designed to achieve maximum durability and fall in lines with recycling, in case it falls apart or gets outdated. The body of Voiager 2 is cast using a single 5mm high-grade aluminum and consists of performance booster in the form of 10” wheels and electric powertrain. Additionally, the e-scooter is designed with a kickstand and an extra wheel to prevent its fall when parked and in slippery conditions respectively.

The e-scooter is developed with innovative display features such as navigation support, notifications, and alerts to prevent riders from constantly juggling through their mobile phones for navigation with the incorporation of Telematics unit and Internet of Things. Another model, Voiager 1, is specifically designed for Germany with a view that the German government will soon underpin the use of e-scooters, which will boost their sales prospect. The CEO of Vio considers Germany as the fastest growing e-scooter market in the world and with this consideration, it developed indicator lights and brakes that comply with the stringent German regulations.

Voi is also launching Voi Cargo, which is an e-bike that is adapted to adhere to the e-bike regulations of Europe and is best-suited for long distance travel as compared to e-scooters. The targeted audiences for the bike are the riders carrying bulky loads, as it contains a large trolley-like box designed in its front.

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