Electric utilities firm EnBW recently revealed their plans to build additional two thousand fast charging points at over thousand locations across Germany. The project will mostly be completed towards the end of 2020. The announced target by the firm is to offer consumers with comprehensive fast charging in the DACH region.

For this reason, the firm will be utilizing charging points that are prepared for the respective requirement & generally provide an output of a minimum 50kW. Simultaneously, the firm wants to improve the current fast charging structure on German motorways to a charging capacity of around 150 kW & over. Such chargers are gradually getting increased attention from the suppliers. Moreover, the firm recently started their first charging park with capacities of around three hundred kW at Autohof Seligweiler located near A7/A8 intersection.

Through their charging app, the firm provides access to more than twenty-eight thousand charging points located in Switzerland, Austria, and Germany. Roaming charging network is inclusive of all the firms’ own charging stations & several charging stations of other networks. EnBW headquarters’ said that this leads to complete network coverage of more than ninety percent. Additionally, since the beginning of March, the app has been providing a constant tariff across the complete network depending on kilowatt-hours and ultimately on the extent of electricity actually being charged.

Besides working on their own expansion goals, the firm is also enlarging their partner network. EnBW not only collaborates with fuel station & service area operators OMV Deutschland, Shell, and Tank&Rast, but also with trading firm such as Hagebau & Euronics. Recently, they have collaborated with fast food chain Burger King.

EnBW is a publicly traded electric utilities firm, which is headquartered in Karlsruhe, Germany. The firm is based in & mainly caters to the German state of Baden-Württemberg. It is one of the biggest energy supply firms in Europe & Germany. They have around twenty-one thousand people working with them. EnBW supplies water, electricity, has & energy-associated services and products to over five million consumers. The firm’s primary goal is to offer reliable energy supply to their home market.

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