A leading integrated international oncology solution provider, Indivumed revealed its plan to enter into an alliance with Gnosis Data Analysis, a provider of automated Machine Learning & data-analytics solutions. The alliance shows the additional step in improving InduvType, Indivumed’s exceptional true multi-omics cancer library, with ground breaking Machine Learning innovation to develop insights & create discoveries that is not present in single-omics method to cancer research.

Indivumed’s Chief Executive Officer Hartmut Juhl said that they are happy to enter into a partnership with a firm like Gnosis that has the common vision for boosting cancer research & treatment of patients with the help of their excellent quality multi-omics library. Pool of information in IndivuType can be completely actualized through the use of powerful analytical tools such as the one developed by Gnosis. They are excited to collaborate with Gnosis to boost precision oncology by letting rapid development of inexpensive novel treatments for patients.

IndivuType is a discovery & knowledge platform that develops & boost novel insights into cancer biology, thereby backing research efforts & enabling the creation of advanced cancer drugs quite effective. The firm has huge amounts of immune-phenotype imaging, genomics, phosphor-proteomics, and proteomics data combined with clinical & outcome information, which renders it to be a different resource for oncology community globally. Along with exceptional data analytics, cancer database can offer comprehensive understanding into the hidden mechanisms of a patient’s cancer, dealing with essential requirements in translational research & molecular diagnostics to finally provide customized cancer healthcare.

Gnosis DA’s Chief Executive Officer, Ioannis Tsamardinos said that their goal is to empower discovery & development with the help of innovative mechanized Machine Learning technology and artificial intelligence. Their Just Add Data (JAD) Bio System is particularly developed for the complications & magnitude of multi-omics information & through their artificial intelligence Decision Support System for choosing model, it is possible for them to implement exceptional multi-omics discovery competencies in hands of scientists of Indivumed. Hence, they are very happy to be partnered with the firm & have the chance to implement JAD Bio to biggest data existing in cancer biology.

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