Lilium, a Munich-based startup, on Thursday introduced its five-seater electric air taxi prototype. Lilium Jet that operated the debut flight at the start of May is a part of an app-based aerial cab service, which is predicted to be completely operational in different cities across the globe by 2025.

It is not the first time that a Lilium Jet has taken off and landed, however, it is the first time, the latest five-seater took off & landed successfully. The latest five-seater is a full-fledged, complete weight prototype powered with the help of around thirty-six complete-electric jet engines that helps the jet to take-off & land vertically.

Battery-operated jet has the competency of flying around three hundred kilometers in an hour’s time when it is charged once. Moreover, it will link different cities via a network of landing pads. Users can reserve their rides from their closest landing pad with the help of a smartphone application.

As of now, the firm didn’t reveal the price of their services, but states that prices will be comparable in costs with normal cabs. CCO of Lilium, Remo Gerber said that they their main target users are ordinary individuals and they aren’t just targeting affluent business travelers.

In a statement, Daniel Wiegand, who is the Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder of the firm said that they have taken an extra step towards enabling urban air traveling a reality. Their vision is to create a world where any person can air travel wherever & whenever they demand.

In making their dreams come true, Lilium will face compete against several leading brands in this industry, which includes the globe’s leading ride hailing company – Uber. Uber and NASA are collaborating to introduce air taxi network in the next three or four years.

Other leading brands coming up with flying cars are Rolls Royce and Boeing. Lilium states that its aircrafts has the competency to make longer journeys as compared to maximum number of its rivals.

Several high-profile investors who have invested more than a hundred million in the project are Atomico, which is a tech investment fund directed by co-founder Niklas Zennström & Tencent, a Chinese technology leading firm.

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