On Friday, Germany approved the usage of battery-powered scooters on its cycle paths and streets. However, the country has banned them from riding on pavements to safeguard pedestrians as the craze for the electrical scooters continues to increase all over Europe.

After the intense debate over road safety & impact on traffic, upper house took up a suggestion by Andreas Scheuer, who is the Transport Minister to allow the electric vehicle for road use. These vehicles are either liked or disliked in Germany.

Germany’s IT federation Bitkom’s President, Achim Berg said that in the country, souls are segregated over electric scooters. It has been a very rare scenario that a novel technology leads to strong liking & disliking.

Andreas was forced to change its initial proposal of permitting e-scooters on sidewalks, after the police unions, insurance groups, and politicians raised their concerns over it.

E-scooters will be permitted on the sidewalks in exceptional incidences, to be expressly shown by signs. Moreover, people riding the e-scooter need to follow 20 kilometers per hour speed limit & people who are fourteen years or older can use them.

This decision opens up avenues for mobility firms targeting to offer rented electric scooters in Germany’s cities along with Berlin-based startup Tier & Sweden’s Voi competing against the US companies Bird and Lime, pioneers in the increasing sector.

Europe’s prominent economy, with its flat and highly urbanized geography & spiderweb network of cycle routes is a game changer for e-scooter rental providers.

Frankfurt’s traffic authority’s spokesman, Hans Preissl said that there will be a lot of competition, whichever firm can persuade individuals will win the industry.

But, Boston Consulting Group’s research suggests that economic model of the growing e-scooter industry still requires some refining. BCG said that if growth of the market were vehicle acceleration, e-scooter, which is the recent answer to urban commuting would be a Ferrari.

Moreover, Volkswagen is vying the electric scooter industry as they are planning to add them in their own vehicle-sharing theme by the end of 2019. However, there are conflicts when it comes to e-scooters as there is an underlying fear that cyclists could be removed from cycle paths particularly developed for them.

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