German auto manufacturer Audi has recently revealed its objective of selling a million electric cars every year by mid-2020s & to provide thirty e-car models until the same year, with twenty models to be completely electric.

Last week, Bram Schott, who is the chief executive officer of Audi informed that the firm plans to be the leading in premium sector with sustainability in its excellent form. This means that Audi that is owned by Volkswagen, augments its expected electric car share in sales by around forty percent.

Simultaneously, the firm claims that they want to decrease its carbon footprint all over the entire manufacturing chain, targeting for a carbon dioxide reduction of thirty percent by 2025 in comparison to 2015 levels.

By 2050, the auto manufacturer aims to be fully carbon dioxide neutral. While the sales & incomes reduced in 2018, by 2023, the firm is planning to invest around fourteen billion euros in digitalization, e-mobility, and autonomous driving.

The firm’s plan to double its electrification initiatives aligns with same plans by other German auto manufacturers introduced in recent months. Just like Daimler, Volkswagen, and other manufacturers, Audi has also been impacted by the dieselgate issue over manipulated discharge values, which stresses the firm in its initiative to adopt technological move in the automotive market.

The announcement further revealed that in the year 2020, the firm is introducing five electric cars. Moreover, huge advancement in the vehicle will be digital in the coming years. A vehicle will be completely of intelligent software because their consumers prefer that. They want to continue their digital communication in the car easily. Hence, they are planning to develop an open digital ecosystem. An extremely adaptive system with rapid online updates & highest level of data security & protection. The firm safeguards the information for their consumers. Collaborating with the Volkswagen group, the firm will introduce online used car trade in around ten markets from 2020.

Additionally, Audi is also beginning their online new car business with their first model. In 2019, they are taking their Audi e-tron to around twenty-three markets.

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