In recent news, German automobile manufacturer Audi is taking online sales to higher stage. Starting June 2019, customers can buy latest vehicles directly online. Intial model which will be sold through this form of online form is Audi TT Quantum Gray Edition. Consumers can also have their doubts cleared digitally & sans obligation about taking a lease or financial details. Additionally, they can have the special edition type delivered all over Germany. Audi showrooms plays an essential role of pilot program for e-commerce.

In 2017, Audi’s proprietary platform was introduced for sales of used cars. Following which, four rings launches online sales of novel vehicles. Vice President Global Marketing and Sales, Martin Sander stated that they are gaining experience & getting to know plenty about consumers and their purchasing structure with the help of the pilot project.

The latest model is restricted to ninety-nine units & costs over sixty thousand euros. This offer is applicable all over European Economic Area. Model is inclusive of special equipment like express red interior design package & part matting of ‘TT’ clearcoat on exterior. Both the characteristics are only for this unique version. Consumers can ask the car to be delivered at time & location of their choice in Germany. Additionally, consumers can get car registered with their chosen license plate & ask online about financing or leasing sans any conditions. Audi Live Consultation piloted through new vehicle type. Just one click, consumer is linked with a consumer consultant, who utilizes augmented reality goggles for the purpose of transferring live photos to consumer from the interiors of the vehicle.

Audi’s retail stores are a part of electronic sale of TT Quantum Gray Edition. Online sales for every model is an essential part of the latest contracts that is planning to begin in next year in April. The focus here in on consumer consultation & communication along with service. Martin further added that it is pretty much clear that e-sales is a part of sales in the future. Along with Audi showrooms, firm is planning to market a growing number of chosen models online through an online store starting early 2020.

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