Online supermarket firm, Picnic has decided to extend its services in Germany now. The group has recently established a new market in Bochum, in Ruhr area. Originally, Picnic is from the Netherlands, provides free delivery and offers a huge variety of food & daily necessities with the cheapest available prices in the industry.

Gaining Popularity

In 2018, the firm began its operations in Germany in Rhineland & presently has over thirty thousand consumers in the region. Germany’s founding team member of Picnic, Frederic Knaudt said that on a daily basis they get several queries from individuals from Essen, Hamm, Duisburg, and Dortmund.

It is the only online supermarket in Germany that provides free delivery, less prices, plus a twenty-minute delivery window, & specially designed electric vans that has attracted several enthusiastic & loyal consumers in the Rhineland in the last one year, who purchase products from Picnic on a weekly basis.

Presently, consumers can register for a waiting list in Bochum through the Picnic application. They have started their first center in Bochum, rendering it to be the first firm to provide consumers residing in Ruhr region a place to buy groceries online & sans paying any delivery fees. Picnic revealed that at present they are searching for a location for a second refrigerated warehouse in the region, to deliver in more cities.

Furthermore, Picnic is also planning to extend its product variety with products such as Pott Curry Sauce and Fiege Beer. Taking into account the feedback of their consumers, the supermarket group will customize its offerings even more to regional preferences.

Online supermarket group Picnic provides a complete variety of food & drugstore products at inexpensive prices on the market starting from famous brands to low cost private labels & local produce. Since they are the only provider in Germany, the group delivers food to the doorstep of individuals free of cost, the minimum order charge is twenty-five euros. Order that are placed by ten p.m. via the Picnic application will be delivered the next day. They deliver products daily – Monday to Saturday. The exact route of delivery vehicle can be tracked in real time with the help of the application.

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