The German Ambassador Her Excellency, Mrs. Deike Potzel travelled to Carlow, Northern Ireland to study present and future links for collaboration and trade between businesses in Carlow county and Germany. She was accompanied by Mr. Ralf Lissek and a delegation from the German Irish Chamber of Commerce, who toured numerous companies in the county in addition to interacting with guest and members of the County Carlow Chamber.

The visit by the Mrs. Potzel was set up through the Chamber Trade Connections of the County Carlow Chamber, with the objective of interactions between representatives from numerous markets to aid in the growth of trade links for members of the Chamber in addition to businesses from around the county.

The first destination on the tour was the Catering Innovation Agency, a Carlow leader in the development, supply and installation of commercial kitchen equipment, led by Seamus Marnane. The company works with numerous suppliers in Germany.

The next stop was at Autolaunch in Bagenalstown. The German Ambassador met with the head Eddie Hickey and the team before touring the premises. The company currently works with a number of major auto manufacturers around the globe.

This was followed by a visit to Tullow based T.E. Laboratories of Loughmartin Business Park, which has developed into a multi-divisional SME, guided by the Sales Director of the business including the laboratories and research and development centers.

The last visit for the delegation was to Burnside Autocyl Ltd., a custom hydraulic cylinder manufacturer where the ambassador was welcomed and guided by the company’s Director of Sales Caroline Kelly and founder Paddy Byrne.

Germany Emphasizes on Ireland Trade

On the terms of exports, Germany is currently Ireland’s 4th biggest trade partner with imports of $ 7.7 billion and exports of $11.3 billion. The German ambassador spoke about her learnings during the visit in addition to the various challenges and opportunities for Irish businesses to operate in Germany. She also discussed the importance of building a strong partnership of trade between the two countries, especially in a post Brexit environment.

Further, businesses who are members of the County Carlow Chamber are to be counted as members of the German Irish Chamber, based on an agreement between the two organizations, which will provide businesses in Carlow with a number of growth opportunities.

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