Huawei, the Chinese wireless networking and mobile communications giant, has been facing massive challenges in a number of countries over allegations that the company has set up backdoors and other tactics that allow espionage in its equipment.  However, authorities from Germany are reporting that they are not really worried about these alleged vulnerabilities in Huawei’s 5G equipment.

Instead, the German government is planning to adopt a multi-vendor approach, in addition to boosting the standards of encryption, to counter any potential risk and danger when handling the China based telecommunications giant.

The security regulator in charge of setting up safeguards for Germany’s data assets appeared to be relaxed with the anticipated decision on choosing Huawei as a preferred equipment and hardware supplier for the ongoing deployment of 5G networks around the country. The senior management professionals at Germany’s key organization, who are responsible for maintaining the privacy, integrity, safety, and security of the country’s data are insisting that the dangers posed by Huawei can be managed, with the assistance of a strategic plan to eliminate or minimize the risks.

Decision to Aid Acceleration of Germany’s 5G Network Deployment Timeline

However, such a stance by the German regulator does not indicate that the country is entering into an exclusive deal with Huawei. Germany has already displayed that is very interested in cutting the timeline required to deploy a national 5G network, as most countries in the European Union have already started to bid for and engage in contracts for 5G networks.

Further, Germany has also struggled to optimize its existing 4G network, as a study conducted in late 2018 has indicated that the country has the worst 4G LTE mobile network coverage, than other European countries. Consequently, Gemany has stated to push ahead with field testing of 5G technologies, before moving on to mass deployment.

The primary defense against potential risks from Huawei is expected to be the use of a multi-vendor policy. This will involve Germany entering into contracts with a wide range of 5G equipment suppliers, which will minimize the potential of cyber-attacks, data leaks, and security breaches, which will be further augmented by a high standards of encryption measures.

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