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Zeolites Market in Numbers:

  • The zeolites market registered a CAGR of ~2% during the period 2014 to 2018. Sluggish growth of the zeolites market was attributed to declining crude oil production that hampered the market growth. However, potential of zeolite membranes to separate CO2 from natural gas, favored growth of the market.
  • The global zeolites market was valued at ~US$ 10.6 Bn in 2018, and is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 3% through 2029. Gains are attributed to the growing demand of zeolites as catalysts, ion exchangers, and molecular sieves across various end-use industries.
  • Europe is expected to remain the leading market for the zeolites. Growing consumption of bioenergy and biofuel has led to the rise in demand for fodder crops that require large amounts of fertilizers, consequently driving the demand for zeolites.
  • Growing demand for customized zeolites that cater to the needs of the specific applications is among the fast-growing trends, which has bolstered innovations in the market. Another aspect shaping the zeolites market is the increasing demand from the agricultural industry.

The frontrunners in the zeolites market continue to focus on new product developments, to come up with solutions built on next-gen zeolite technologies. These players are also making profuse investments in capacity expansions, and upgrading their manufacturing techniques. Clariant AG and BASF SE are among the key companies incorporating these strategies.

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Increasing utilization of zeolite across untapped applications, including energy & power and healthcare, is likely to create opportunities for the market players. Zeolites manufacturers are therefore focusing bespoke offerings that suit the distinct requirements of end-users. Global rise in spending on the construction industry is likely to pave opportunities for the zeolites manufacturers. While the zeolites market is characterized by long-term manufacturer-supplier relationships, companies are engaging in acquisition and collaboration strategies in an attempt to expand their customer base.

Zeolites Market – Key Factors Impeding Growth  

  • Increasing availability of alternatives to zeolites, such as activated carbon, perlite, aluminophosphates, and silica gels in place of zeolites is expected to ebb the demand for synthetic variants. Although zeolites have gain widespread acceptance across myriad applications, high performance of key alternatives are likely to stymie adoption of zeolites to a certain extent. Moreover, the rising adoption of zeolite-free detergents is likely to boost the demand for substitutes, thereby hindering the market growth.
  • Zeolites exhibit cuboidal, fibrous, or other crystalline morphologies, which are often considered as contaminants capable of inducing pulmonary changes that cause irritation to the respiratory tract. Few non-pulmonary toxicological changes are created by either the synthetic or natural zeolites, which could hinder the adoption of zeolites in the foreseeable future.

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